Thank you for taking interest in The Roots Collective Growth and Development Center where we offer coworking space, access to training rooms, a Board room, and so much more. We also offer business development classes and provide opportunities to connect with mentors and business coaches.

Here, we want every entrepreneur to thrive, survive, and feel welcomed. 

We are located at 2425 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Knoxville, TN 37915. If you have questions or would like to schedule a walk through, please email them to Tiffani Toombs at ttoombs@shorafoundation.org. Before reaching out, please visit the coworking site for pricing and availability and read the FAQ’s below

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code. This is your office and we want you to feel comfortable in it. Some will work in business casual and others in leggings and t-shirts. You choose!


What about pets and kids?

The Roots Collective is pet free. If you need to occasionally bring in your son/daughter that is fine but you will need to keep them with you at all times. If you need after-school programming or summer programming please visit our Academic Center for more information.


Can I receive mail?

Your membership includes a mailing address.


Does the space come with a telephone service or Administrative Assistant?

The Roots Collective does not provide phone or administrative services.


What is your guest policy?

We do not offer space for guests, however if you have a private office, they are more than welcome to visit you in your office.


Do I need to have insurance?

Each co-worker must provide proof of insurance.


Do I have to clean?

We provide a full service office. If you would like for us to clean your office, you will need to let us know. We do ask that all trash cans be placed outside your door on the day of cleaning. All workshop areas and training rooms be put back in the condition in which you found it. No hoarding allowed.


Is there storage available?

Storage spaces are not available.


Can I put pictures and plaques on the wall in my private office?

Pictures may be hung on the wall 3M tape. Please do not put nails in the wall.


Can I fax and print?

Black and white copies are included in your membership. Access to color copies can be purchased for an additional fee. Fax and scanning capabilities are also included in your membership.


When are the offices open?

The offices are open Sunday – Saturday from 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM. 


Can I rent the Board Room and Workshop Area if I am not a member?

Yes. Once you have created a free membership account, you can rent the Board Room and Workshop area. 


Do you offer day passes?

Yes, we offer Day Passes for Community Members and College Students.