Economic Development Programs

How Shora Can Help

The Growth and Development Center provides educational resources such as but not limited to, business structure, branding, logo, web development, marketing, and social and financial capital. Shora partners with the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center to help provide accelerator business classes and other Knoxville based organizations such as 100 Knoxville Initiative and The Women, LLC to help provide resources to social and financial capital.

The Roots Collective co-working space will help lessen the burden of small businesses by creating a platform where they can share operational resources, such as administrative assistants, printing services, and other overhead expenses. The Roots Collective will also be home to businesses that may need to rent space as needed, such as photographers, artists, and podcasters. Our goal is to provide separate creative spaces for these entrepreneurs to build their brand at affordable costs.


Economic Development

At Shora, we aim for the ultimate transformation of community in East Knoxville. Obviously, the transformation of a community also involves the strength of the business community. The stronger our community businesses are, the stronger are our communities, and the more opportunities there are for our children who will be adults one day. The future of our community of East Knoxville relies on our volunteers and the generosity of our donors. They see great value in helping aspiring business owners succeed in East Knoxville area.

Business Incubator

The Power to transform a community is within small businesses of East Knoxville. There’s no better way to create opportunities and transform communities than through the development of small businesses. The black poverty rate in Knoxville, TN is 42% while blacks only make up 13% of the population. Studies have shown that one of the best ways to close the wealth gap is the development of businesses in under-resourced areas. This will lead to increased employment opportunities and more money being spent in under-developed communities.

Our goal is to help start-up businesses by giving them shared resources, such as office/co-working space and admin services, and offer them accelerated business classes that will grow their business to $100,000 in the first three to five years.


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